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Royal Rage is a thrash metal band from Curitiba, Brazil created in 2011 and now-a-days formed by: Pedro Ferreira (vocals & guitar), Kukler (drums), Sasquatch Senna (bass) and Izumida Lee (guitars). The band was originally called Royal Rampage but after some discussions and a few problems they decided to change the name, for the best. The band has a strong influence from the modern era thrash metal. Mixing speed, strength and harmony in their songs, they're making a sound that you could call "melodic thrash metal". The band struggled through several difficulties during the years, such as members exiting and even a almost fatal accident, wich resulted in years of postponing the recording of their first album, entitle CONQUER (Recorded by Karim Serri of Legacy of Kain) But those who wait will be well payed! Royal Rage's debut album will be released in October 19 of 2018! With 8 new songs and one song previously released as a demo! The album will surely be a blast for Kreator, Exodus, Slayer and even Trivium fans, and many others who are looking for a brutal and consistent thrash metal band!